LEGO Batcave MOC by Dan Glasure

batcavemocdanglasure00Over the years, one of the most popular custom LEGO builds is Batman’s secret lair, the Batcave.  Now this LEGO custom Batcave is super amazing by Dan Glasure.  This LEGO Batcave MOC features Wayne Manor house and the underground Batcave.

batcavemocdanglasure01The 2-month build features incredible attention to detail every Batman comic book fan would like.  You have to check out more of the detail photos from Dan’s album on Flickr – LEGO Batcave MOC.

batcavemocdanglasure02More images of the Batcave @ Flickr – LEGO Batcave MOC.

Follow Dan @ Flickr – Dan Glasure.

Source:  The Brothers Brick – LEGO Batcave MOC.


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