Huck Gee x Kidrobot: Penelope McStompsalot

huck gee 01The 3″ Dunny Penelope McStompsalot pilots her 8″ mecha-inspired Blowback Industries DUNN-7™.

The Blowback Industries DUNN-7 features articulated arms and opening cockpit where you put any 3″ Dunny.  There are two color variations of the mecha – a green one sold in specialty stores and the black version sold only at Kidrobot.  Since most of these are already sold out, you might want to check the secondary markets like eBay.  In our interview with Huck Gee, he hinted there might be more versions of this 8″ mecha in the coming year.

MSRP:  $199.99USD

Check out:  Kidrobot.

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