A Mike Hammer Novel – King of the Weeds

kingofweedsI enjoy reading Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins crime/pulp fiction books.  Just like Dirty Harry, shoot first and ask questions later, that’s the Mike Hammer way.

In “King of the Weeds,” Mike Hammer and long-time partner Velda Sterling look to ride off into the sunset with marriage and retirement, but an decades old murder case looks stir things up with his old buddies Captain Pat Chambers and Army pal Marcus Dooley.

Decades ago, Pat and Hammer put away a serial killer named Rufus Olaf.  After 40 years, Rufus is being released from prison due to another person stepping forward as the notorious serial killer.  Rufus looks to get a rich settlement from New York City and send Captain Pat Chambers into early retirement.  Pat and Hammer wonder if they put the wrong person in jail all these years?  Not only that, a string of “accidental” deaths at the NYPD is raising alarm bells.  Is this all tied-in somehow?  And the elephant in the room is the question of $89 billion dollars!  On his death bed, Army buddy Marcus Dooley told a story of how he stole $89 billion dollars from the Mafia crime families.  The mob and the government think Hammer knows where all that money is and they are all after him.  As Mike Hammer digs deeper, he connects all the dots and puts it all together for one hell of a ride.

Before Mickey Spillane passed away in 2006, he had written various outlines, notes and manuscripts and “King of the Weeds” would be the final Mike Hammer book.  Co-author and friend Max Allan Collins took the reigns to flesh out and complete this Hammer adventure.  You don’t have to read previous Mike Hammer books to get into this one.  Each page turn will have your blood pumping and curious about that $89 billion mob money.  You gotta ask yourself what you would do if you that in your bank account?  The plot feels very modern and I can see this being a movie.  A nice Bloody Mary and a Old-Fashioned up pairs well when reading “King of the Weeds.”


Hardbound Title:  King of the Weeds

Authors:  Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $22.99USD

Available:  Now

For Mature Readers


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