Dragons: Dragon Down

dragoncomic 00Dragons, like vampires, werewolves and zombies are all the rage in movies, TV shows, books, comics and video games these days.  Besides the dragons in HBO’s Games of Thrones, Dreamworks animated How to Train Your Dragon (2010) is also very popular.  I was pleasantly surprised how good the first one was and now I’m just excited for the sequel – How to Train Your Dragon 2 being released on June 13, 2014.  Titan Comics will be releasing graphic novels of all-new adventures based on the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

dragoncomic 01

Volume 1:  Dragon Down takes us back to the Viking town of Berk, where the youngsters lead by Hiccup are training their young dragons.  Snotlout’s dragon Hookfang sheds his fiery scales all through town causing wide spread property damage.  The Viking adults decide to ground the kids and the upset Hookfang leaves town.  Hiccup and the gang decide to search for Hookfang, but stumble upon bad Vikings lead by Alvin the Treacherous.  Alvin wants to find his own dragon trainers and dragons to destroy the city of Berk.  Will Hiccup and his gang be able to find Hookfang and save the town of Berk from the evil Alvin the Treacherous?  Just read on and find out!

I enjoyed this fun 64-page comic-book romp.  I like reading Simon Furman’s “coming of age” YA-style story and love the artwork by Iwan Nazif.  Now this is a great way to spend time reading a graphic novel with your kids.  I eagerly await for Volume 2 in August 2014, Volume 3 in November 2014 and Volume 4, 5 and 6 in 2015.  Titan Comics send me these books now!!!


Graphic Novel:  Dragon – Dragon Down – Volume 1

Author:  Simon Furman

Artist:  Iwan Nazif

Publisher:  Titan Comics

MSRP:  $6.99USD

Available:  Now


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