BE@RBRICK x Transformers

bbxtakara00Just hitting the retail shelves is a collaboration between Medicom and Takara.  The popular toy brick bears meets the transformerable robots in this neat merchandising product line.  The 4 figures:  Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream and Bumblebee figures can transform into their BE@RBRICK form or G1-style robot form.  Now that is cool, so just take my wallet and credit cards now!


The articulated 5.5″ figures will be priced around $47.00USD each.  I hope there will be more Transformers in this BE@RBRICK line-up!  For more information on these figures, head over to:  Medicom Japan.

bbtakarateampicBE@RBRICK x Optimus Prime.

BE@RBRICK x Megatron.

BE@RBRICK x Starscream.

BE@RBRICK x Bumblebee.

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