Life-Size Iron Man 3D Wall Figure from Bandai Japan


This is freaking cool – a life-size Iron Man Mark VII Hall of Armor 3D Wall Figure by Bandai Japan in collaboration with Marvel. Officially a 72 inch (!) scale figure, the whole piece has a height of 6.4 feet, a width of 3.1 feet, and a depth of 0.85 feet (which the product description states as “relatively compact”). Other facts: the whole piece is pretty light at nearly 10 lbs, it’s free standing but they recommend the buyer to tie it to a wall, and that it runs close to $400.00USD for this figure. Heck, at that price, I think I can save up for one! Just forego the Mocha Lattes at Starbucks for a couple of months!

Here’s some product videos below (in Japanese) but you’ll at least be able to see more details of the actual Wall Figure:

Just in case you’re interested, pre-orders start July 25, 2014 and will end on September 29, 2014 with a shipment date of some time in November 2014.

MSRP:  $392.00USD


For more information, go to:  Bandai Japan – Iron Man Wall Figure.


  1. yes, this item is really cool
    but the big problem it can not be shipped overseas from Japan
    because the size are over the Max limit authorized
    The shipping package size is 2,050mm×W1,030mm×D330mm weight:10kg

    and with EMS, the Max size for the longest side is 1,500 mm

    for those who want to buy it, you need to hope that Bandai US or Bluefin Tamashii US will be able to get it

    • And shipping thru a carrier can be very expensive, we ship 3 boxes of toys from FedEx Air that was like a $1,000 bucks. It would be cool if Bluefin Tamashii or Bandai US say they will distribute this Iron Man product.


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