I’d Love to Draw! by Andrew Loomis

lovetodrawIn my generation, my comic book idols weren’t just the superheroes on the printed pages, but the artists who drew them.  And as an amateur wannabe artist, I tried drawing like Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri and Todd McFarlane.  As you can see below, I’m not a very good artist.

medrawingIf you want to learn how to draw, like everybody, you have to learn the basics.  One of those legendary art teachers in American history is Andrew Loomis.  He published several drawing books in 1930s-1940s that influenced many artists of today.  Thanks to Titan Books who have been republishing many of Andrew Loomis’ drawing books like this one, “I’d Love to Draw!”

IMG_1887You might be thinking this tutorial artbook is out of date.  But you are dead wrong.  As you flip through the pages, Mr Loomis has a way of teaching basic drawing techniques with his drawings and commentary.  The book is divided into 3 Parts with the Part 1 on drawing basic shapes and forms, how to draw with perspective and light.  Part 2 is about drawing the basic touches of drawing the human figure and Part 3 is a guide on how to sketch.

If you’re an art student, amateur illustrator, or aspiring comic book artist, then this book by Andrew Loomis “I’d Love to Draw!” is a must-have on your book shelf.  And if you read the wonderful Foreward by artist Alex Ross about the influence of Andrew Loomis in his life and career, then “I’d Love to Draw!” should not be collecting dust on your shelf, but be used to help you draw and paint in a realistic way.


Hardback Title:  I’d Love to Draw!

Author:  Andrew Loomis

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Available:  October 14, 2014

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