Superhero Body Paint

kaypikemodelingCosplayers usually design and build costumes and props.  Well, this cosplayer doesn’t need it.  Just paint it on the body.  My Retrenders buddy Steve Jang sent me this YouTube video a few months back.  It was on my I’ll watch later, but I finally got around to it and was blown away.  Artist/Model Kay Pike is known for her detailed body paint of superheroes on her naked body.  She is taking superhero body paint to the next level.

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Buzzing: Adult Coloring Books

adultcoloringbooksAmazon’s best selling books are coloring books not for kids, but for adults.  The new craze and stress reliever for adults is coloring books for older people.  So grab your colored pencils, markers and crayons.

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I’d Love to Draw! by Andrew Loomis

lovetodrawIn my generation, my comic book idols weren’t just the superheroes on the printed pages, but the artists who drew them.  And as an amateur wannabe artist, I tried drawing like Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri and Todd McFarlane.  As you can see below, I’m not a very good artist.

medrawingIf you want to learn how to draw, like everybody, you have to learn the basics.  One of those legendary art teachers in American history is Andrew Loomis.  He published several drawing books in 1930s-1940s that influenced many artists of today.  Thanks to Titan Books who have been republishing many of Andrew Loomis’ drawing books like this one, “I’d Love to Draw!”

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More Body Paint Art: Human Motorcycles

Strangely, this Behind The Scenes Painted Human Motorcycles reminds me of the 1980s Saturday morning cartoon Turbo Teen on ABC!


Question: Is This a Drawing or a Photograph?

Redhead Girl via Viana Arts

The answer please.  Is this your final answer!  Well, it’s actually not a photograh, but a drawing of a girl using only Bic color ballpoint pens!  Amazing.  Artist Samuel Silva took inspiration from a photo by Russian photographer Kristina Tararina.  He took around 30 hours to draw this and used 8 different colored Bic ballpoint pens (what a great ad plug for Bic!).

To check Samuel’s quick Q&A and more images of his artwork, go to: Deviant Art – Viana Arts.

Batman Expressionism Art

Expressionist-style art with a modern superhero twist.  Inspired by Edvard Munch’s famous painting – The Scream:

Joker Scream by ben6835 on Flickr

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Custom Design on Car Using Sharpie Markers

Artist Chris Dunlop uses black Sharpie markers to draw designs on his 1999 Ford Mustang GT.

It’s amazing what you can do with Sharpie markers.

For more photos and info check out Chris’s blogsite:  Chris Dunlop & Sharpie Design Car.

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