Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age InquisitionPicked up Dragon Age Inquisition for my PS4 on the day of its release, hoping that this game would make up for the faults of its predecessor, and, well, I can’t stop playing it. So much so, I haven’t even touched my Far Cry 4 yet. Currently, I’ve already clocked over 35 hours into the game – eating up most of my playing time are all the side quests, such as, picking up herbs and materials to craft new items. I haven’t even gone through half of the main story, which i have to say is a pretty decent story, but far from perfect.

Of course the game is not without it’s faults. Even for the PS4, the graphics are nothing to boast about. Sure the cinematic cutscenes look amazing, but the in-game graphics aren’t anything special. While playing, the game actually lost all of its textures and had to load them back up on a game session. One instance, my character was glitching halfway through the floor. Talk about buggy… Plus. there were times when structures would load when it shouldn’t be there, so I would have to leave the area and come back to be able to pass through. But the one thing I thought the developers missed the boat on was that there was no storage chest in the game which made it a bit of a hassle to manage your items.  However, even with these small hiccups, it never made me stop playing it – it just made me shake my head and laugh. Although, I do hope an update can sort out the storage chest issue.

Cassandra and VarricBioWare added a multiplayer aspect to this game, which at first, I was skeptical about how it would work and if it would be any good. Having tried it, I have to say that I didn’t play it for that long since the single player story kept pulling me back, but the few hours I did play multiplayer was actually pretty fun. It reminded me a little of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode. You pick your character/class and go through five stages of horde mode until you reach the end. This mode would probably be best to play it with friends instead of strangers, but either way, I recommend trying it out.

Earlier, I did mention a bit about how the game was a little buggy but trust me that in this case, the good outweigh the bad. The characters are likeable – Varric is back, one of the few characters to stand out in Dragon Age 2, and having him and Cassandra interact with each other is just plain fun. Most BioWare fans will be getting this game no matter what is said in reviews, but for the people that aren’t so sure, let’s just say that if you’re a fan of RPG games, you’ll want to get this. To be honest, I wouldn’t still be playing this game if it wasn’t fun. Come to think of it, good thing I didn’t go through with swearing to never play another BioWare game after the whole Mass Effect 3 ending debacle. BioWare, you’ve officially won me back. I give this game an 8.5/10.

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