Super7xFunko ReAction Wish List for 2015!

reactionlogoOver this Holiday season and the various editorial meetings we had, was the question, “What was our favorite toy or toy line for 2014?”  We had some hot feuded geeky discussions, but on everybody’s list was the Super7 x Funko ReAction action figures.

reactionfigures00The old Retrender staffers like Stephen and Johnny who actually grew up in the 1980s (cough … they old) said it brought them memories of being a kid in the 1980s.  As for me, I just remember watching these ReAction figures as DVDs movies at home with my parents.  And that lead to a discussion of “What If?” figure line-ups for 2015.  So, Super 7 and Funko, we are calling you out, please take a look at our ReAction action figure wish list!

Top Ten ReAction Wish List

1)  Big Trouble in Little China

2) Top Gun

3) Aliens


5) Fast and the Furious

6) Fargo

7) Knight Rider

8) MacGyver

9) Teen Wolf

10) Miami Vice

So, that’s our list!  We think at least Big Trouble in Little China, Aliens and the Fast and Furious franchise should get the ReAction treatment.  How fun would it be to see action figures from these movies?  And, hey if you have your list of suggestions, please comment and put down your list below this article.

Check out:  ReAction!

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