Marvel Legends 6″ 2015 Series

Marvellegends6Last year I enjoyed buying and collecting all of Marvel Legend’s Guardians of the Galaxy 6″ action figure series.  Now for 2015, Marvel will take a look at Thor universe of characters.

The $25 dollar figures features:  Thor, Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, Sentry, Iron Fist (White Costume), and Machine Man.  The Build-A-Figure will be Thor’s dad Odin.

For more information, check out:  Marvel Toy News – Marvel Legends 6″.


Also, “chefatron” takes a look at 2015 Marvel Universe Infinite Series 3″ line-up of figures:

More toy reviews from this dude, go to:  YouTube – Chefatron.


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