Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition Review

Final Fantasy Type-0 HDFinal Fantasy Type-0 HD had me right from the get-go. Even thought the beginning was more cutscenes than it was gameplay, it was the cutscenes with the Chocobo that probably stayed with everybody in the beginning. Watching a Chocobo die was kind of strange. The only other time I remember seeing Chocobos dying was probably in Final Fantasy X, and even then they, and their riders, just disintegrated. In this game we had to sit through it and a human bleeding out… it was kinda dark. Well, what do you expect from an M-rated game. Yes that’s right, an M-rated Final Fantasy game.

When I started playing the game, it took a while for me to get used to the controls. I played on a PlayStation, so the square button was used to do the normal attacks, but it was also used to pick up something called ‘Phantoma’. Now that wasn’t that bad, but you had to wait a second of not attacking to pick it up, you couldn’t just kill the monster and pick it up right as it died. So watch out if you still have a Behemoth to kill and you’re trying to pick up the other dead Behemoth’s Phantoma. You might as well just let the Behemoth disappear and focus on grabbing the other Behemoth’s Phantoma. Another thing that annoyed me was the camera movement; it was too fast. In big open spaces like the overworld map it was fine, it moved at a decent pace; however, places like in a city you were fighting in, small spaces, the camera would move faster than it should sometimes. I’ll admit I got disoriented a few times, but nothing too major. It was just something that annoyed me, and there was nothing I could do about the speed.

Final Fantasy Type-0 OverworldYes, the overworld is back. I was so excited when I first saw this, I was freaking out. In a good way. On the overworld there were two ways to get into fights; you could run around and get into a random encounter, like older fights, or you could run into the monsters roaming around on the map. Word of warning though, running into the monsters on the overworld would cause you to fight level 99 monsters, so I would steer clear of them until you get your characters up to level 80 – 85 or so. The gameplay helped get me into the game too, it felt like a faster version of Kingdom Hearts. Harder fights would need you to dodge multiple times between attacks, especially when there were more than two tough monsters. Unlike the story of the game, I never got bored of the combat.

Final Fantasy Type-0’s pacing was not that great. It actually started off really well. Academia, what seemed to be your base, reminded me of Final Fantasy VIII’s Balamb Garden; with FFT0’s cadets being FFVIII’s SeeDs. There are a bunch of references to older games, or at least that is what it seemed like to me. The magitek armor from FFVI, The Big Bridge from FFV where you even get to fight Gilgamesh, the airship ‘Setzer’ which was probably a nod to Setzer Gabbiani who owened the airship in FFVI. All of these things made the game great, it was just the pacing of the game. With only 8 chapters in the game it wrapped up pretty fast. Maybe that is because I only beat it once; I heard that to get everything in this game you should beat it three times. There are also videos that you unlock where you can only watch it through the title screens ‘History’ tab, some of these videos seem to fill in some of the gaps that were left out of the game. Seems like I better get to it then, the game took me about 30 hours to complete, but that is with me taking naps and eating lunch and dinner so that number is a bit inflated.

FF-Type-0-HD Collector's Edition

Now it says ‘Collector’s Edition’ on the title, so let me write a little about what you get. I decided to buy the ‘Collector’s Edition’ because I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, owning every numbered game and a few that are not. It cost me around double the regular price to get this, so I hoped it was worth it, and when I picked it up I thought “Yep… totally worth it”. It came in a box, a big box, almost the size of the PS4. Inside was the steel game case, with art by Yoshitaka Amano, which not only had the game but also had the soundtrack and the code to download the demo for Final Fantasy XV; I’m excited for that too. It also came with a 200 page Manga and an artbook which I have yet to flip through yet. The last thing it came with were five replica cards used by the character Ace. I’m a big fan of physical things that come in collector’s sets and I think if it was nothing but digital downloads I wouldn’t have bought the Collector’s Edition. Glad I did though, I think it was worth it.  Hope the Final Fantasy XV Collector’s Edition is as good or better.

I don’t think I had any bad experiences with this game so far, and with you needing to beat the game a minimum three times to unlock everything, I think this game will be taking most of my gaming time. If you were put off because of the recent Final Fantasy titles, this is nothing like them. For those who aren’t Final Fantasy fans, I think this can be one of the FF’s that you may actually be able to enjoy. I give it a rating of “Play this damn game”/10.

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