The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

madmaxfuryroadcoverBefore I get down to reviewing Titan Book’s The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road, I’ve watched Mad Max: Fury Road twice already.  I was a little cynical at first, when I heard the news that creator/director George Miller was going to re-make Mad Max, when his 1979 Mad Max film starring Mel Gibson was already a masterpiece.  So, as I sat in the multiplex dreading it would not be a Kevin Costner “Waterworld”, the movie came on-screen and within a few minutes I was blown away by not just the action and acting, but Miller’s incredible cinematography, the colors and the amazing world-building.  Now to the meat of this article, taking a look at Titan Book’s The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road by Abbie Bernstein with a Foreward by the man himself, the master George Miller.



This is not your usual film art book with tacky behind-the-scenes features you see on the DVD release, but the storyboard artwork drives the 30 chapters in this book.  You will see the drawings and sketches and then the real-life set photos.  The book has profiles of the many characters like Furiosa played by actress Charlie Theron, the thought-process of the production crew and planning of the weapons, set pieces, the action stunts and vehicles used.  After looking at all the photos, artwork and reading, you really get a sense of how much detail went into building the universe of Fury Road.

IMG_2104Hands down not only is Mad Max: Fury Road one of the greatest action movies ever, but right up there in my Top 10 list of all-time movies.  Yeah, can you believe it?  Artist/creator/director George Miller has created an epic masterpiece on a grand scale.  The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road is a true companion piece to the movie and I promised you won’t get this information on Wiki.  So, if you have some cash and had to buy one film book this year, I suggest you pick this book up and it will make marvelous reference book on your library shelf.


Hardbound Title:  The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

Author:  Abbie Bernstein

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Available:  Now

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