Buffy is Back!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - CastNo there’s not a reboot, nor do we pick-up twelve years after Sunnydale High, but the past time television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going to air on ABC Family beginning June 22nd.

For those of you that never caught the series on television, it became a popular cult hit with teens, college students and anyone that simply craved a show with mystery, ancient rituals and myths, vampire fighting and slaying, to finding love, and on top of that – yes, dusting off an ancient relic of a book in order to research a spell cast, or find an antidote to a curse.

In my opinion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the most well done vampire series on television to date! The show meets every emotional need when you excavate the layers of basic human desires. You don’t see it up front, because you’re too enticed by each episode’s action adventure in vampire slaying excitement that begins at Buffy’s high school which can serve as a nightmare itself for some teens. However, the subtext or should I say – beneath the vampire slaying – Buffy is an outsider that wants to be someone, and she does become someone once she develops a close net of friends. There’s Angel, her love interest and the complicated relationship between them, because after all he is a vampire; and we have her click of odd, unpopular, and geeky best friends who would help her out in just about any situation. Then there’s Giles, the school librarian, also known as the Watcher and her slayer trainer, who is very much the father figure in her life. In the midst of being a teen slayer, she is also raised by a single mother who only…as all mothers do, wants the best for her daughter.

For a girl that felt like she was going nowhere by attending a new high school, she ends up finding everything she needed on top of being a vampire slayer!

Here’s two trailers that I feel best define the television series.

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