Batman: Arkham Knight – The Novel

arkhamknightOne of the most popular video games of the year for 2015 is Batman: Arkham Knight and if you haven’t gotten around to playing the game just yet, why not read the official novelization by writer Marv Wolfman to get your Batman fix?  Batman: Arkham Knight – the official novel follows the same story-line as the video game with some extra background information and spicy tidbits for DC/Batman comic book lore.

It’s been a year since the Joker has died and a relative calm has presided over Gotham City, but all that is about to change as the Scarecrow unleashes a new fear toxin in a diner, causing everybody to kill each other.  The Scarecrow gives an ultimatum to the citizens of Gotham that he will unleash the fear toxin all over Gotham City in a few hours.  Now it’s up to Batman and his team to stop Scarecrow’s plan, while all this is happening a new player gets involved.  Like in the DC Universe and Jim Lee’s Batman run “Hush” story-line, this new protagonist, the Arkham Knight knows Batman and his allies inside and out.  In this fight against Scarecrow, we find that Batman has been exposed to Joker’s “blood” and as he carries on the fight to save Gotham City and his friends, Batman will be tested mentally and physically.

Usually tie-in books or “official novels” can suck, but not this, because like Arkham Knight, writer Marv Wolfman over the years has written many Batman comics, other DC titles and DC novelizations.  Marv knows the Batman DC history well to tie-in many of the characters introduced in Arkham Knight into the DCU-lore.  So, if you plan to play the video game, this book has lots of spoilers, I would suggest you play the video game on your PS4/Xbox One then read the Marv Wolfman official novelization Batman: Arkham Knight for special geeky insights and background information.


Paperback Title:  Batman – Arkham Knight

Author:  Marv Wolfman

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available: Now




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