baitkicksgijoecollectionBAIT brings together a 1980’s toy icon, Hasbro’s G.I. Joe and kick’s company New Balance for some kicks.  The two popular G.I. Joe ninja’s Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow will get represented in the New Balance MT 580 sneakers – Arashikage Pack.  This will be released in limited numbers and will be dropping next week on October 10, 2015.   Prices per pair will be start around $160.00USD.

baitkicksgijoe00For more details and images, go to:  BAIT x GI Joe x New Balance.

baitsnakeeyesWell, if you’re getting these kicks, and if you also want the matching vinyl toys, you can pick-up the Funko Pop Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes for $15.00USD.

Buy it @ BAIT – Funko Pop – Snake-Eyes.

Buy it @ BAIT – Funko Pop – Storm Shadow.




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