Star Wars R2D2 from Thinkway Toys

r2d2toysrusthinkwayWhile everybody is trying to get their hands on the Sphero BB-8 toy from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, about trying to get your hands on this Toys’R’Us exclusive Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens – R2D2 Interactive Robotic Droid from Thinkway Toys!  The iconic droid R2D2 is loaded with playable features fun for all ages.

The 16″ tall R2D2 robot toy comes with a remote control that can send instant or pre-programmed commands.  You can program over 1,000 action commands from the 10-button controller.  Remember to grab AA batteries!  The remote control takes 2 AA batteries and the R2D2 unit takes 6 AA batteries.

MSRP:  $159.99USD

Buy it @ Toys’R’Us – Thinkway Toys – R2D2 Interactive Robotic Droid.

Thinkway Toys.


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