The Art of Stephen Hickman: Empyrean

hickmanartbookIf you ever read a Harlan Ellison, Anne McCaffrey or Larry Niven sci-fi book, usually the sci-fi art cover that catches your eye is drawn by artist Stephen Hickman.  This full-color hardcover art book – “The Art of Stephen Hickman:  Empyrean” is collection of Hickman’s amazing 40 years in fantasy sci-fi art.

hickman00“For me, fantasy imagery is simply my favorite place to work and live, and nature … Personal imagery, much of it inspired or informed by nature, is becoming more important to me the more painting I do, and fantasy is my direction of choice.” Stephen Hickman.

Each art piece pictured in the book, whether it be a small project, book cover or commission work, Hickman goes in-depth talking about the idea behind the piece, inspirations and art-style.  Hickman also goes over why illustrating J.R.R. Tolkien writing is the hardest.

hickman01Up and coming artists looking for inspiration and reference should grab this incredible art book by Hickman.  I do like dragons and knights, but I really enjoyed Hickman’s science-fiction section as he explains his style and approach to a project.  I like the mix of “Heavy Metal” fantasy girls and futuristic imagery.  The Art of Stephen Hickman: Empyrean published by Titan Books is available now.


Hardbound Title:  The Art of Stephen Hickman – Empyrean

Author/Artist:  Stephen Hickman

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Available:  Now

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