Custom LEGO Build: One Huge SHIELD Helicarrier

ultimateshieldhelicarriercoverOne of the most iconic large playset toys from the 1980s was the G.I. Joe USS FLAGG aircraft, a monster 7-foot long toy of joy.  If I had the room I would own one and another iconic ship, is the SHILED Helicarrier.  Only LEGO has come close to making a identical carrier from the Marvel’s Avengers flick, but it wasn’t scaled well enough and to be able to move planes around.  From Taiwan, LEGO builder and fan ZiO Chao and his friends Dada, Kimura, Kuan-Wei, Stephanie, Tiger and Will from Formosa LEGO club builds the ultimate SHIELD Helicarrier.

ultimateshieldhelicarrierteambuildersThis larger 4 1/2 foot long carrier is twice as large as the official LEGO set and took over 15,000 LEGO bricks.  The team of friends spent a month and half building the Helicarrier from just reference photos from the Avengers’ movie.  The custom LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier looks amazing!

legocustomshieldcarrierbtsFor more detail images, go to:  Flickr – SHIELD Helicarrier Album.

Check out the article @ The Brothers Brick – LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier.

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