Turn My Hat into a Artful Face Mask

nycyankeesmaskLet’s see, take my baseball cap and my old raggy sweatshirt and turn it into a face-mask, so I look like a bank robber.  Not really, this is art and wearable for the icy cold weather.  Artist Shin Murayama latest project is:  Yankees Extreme Cold Weather Face Mask Unissued 2014.


Only 8 of 8 produced and sold in Japan!

The idea came from old-school cold weather military masks.  He created the masks by using New Era baseball caps for front and used college sweatshirts for the interior and linings.  Only 8 of these have been produced and will be sold exclusively at Nepenthes retail store in Tokyo, Osaka and Hakata, Japan.  I don’t have a price, but it should be artsy-collectible expensive.

For more info in Japanese, go to:  Nepenthes.

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