The Little Prince: The Art of the Movie

alittleprincecoverThe Little Prince animated film is based on a 1943 story by author Antoine de Saint-Exupery about a pilot meeting a boy from another planet.  Author Ramin Zahed takes us on a journey with writer/director Mark Osborne known for his Kung-fu Panda animated hit on the challenge of making a classic story with new twist and animating it.  This is Titan Books’ The Little Prince – The Art of the Movie.

alittleprinceinsideStarting with a nice Foreward by iconic actor Jeff Bridges who also plays the old man aviator in The Little Prince, he talks about his love for the classic tale and his part in making of the movie.  The beautifully bound hardcover art book showcases various behind-the-scenes photographs, drawings, animated screenshots and production art from the movie.  Mark Osborne and his team also talks about the early beginnings on just the daunting task of bringing the story to a mix of CGI and stop-motion animation.  The production team discuss and explore the characters and world building to make the Little Prince come alive.

Fans of The Little Prince and just animation in general should definitely pick this book up.  This will also make a great reference art book for animation fans.  I’d enjoyed reading the insights and details of making of the Little Prince as I flip through the pages of The Little Prince – The Art of the Movie.


Hardcover:  The Little Prince – The Art of the Movie

Author:  Ramin Zahed

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $34.95USD

Available:  Now

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