Max Payne 3: The Complete Series

max payne 3 coverI still remember the enjoyment of shooting mobsters in slo-mo with two guns blazing in original Max Payne game on my Xbox.  The Max Payne 3:  The Complete Series collects 3 stories – After the Fall, Hoboken Blues and Fight & Flight and ties everything together and is prequel to Max Payne 3 video game which was released last year on Xbox 360/PS3 and PC.

max payne 3 00

The first chapter “After the Fall” dives into Max Payne’s broken childhood with his parents and grandfather.  The second chapter “Hoboken Blues” goes into how he met his wife Michelle and best friend Alex Balder.  The third chapter “Fight & Flight”, Max meets a past Police Academy cadet Raul Passos that leads him to São Paulo, Brazil and the start of Max Payne 3.

max payne 3 01Fans of the Max Payne video games will enjoy these stories that add more depth to the Max Payne 3 universe.  It’s now time to dust-off my Max Payne 3 disc and start my slo-mo gun blasting.


Hardbound Graphic Novel:  Max Payne 3 – The Complete Series

Writer(s):  Dan Houser & Remedy’s Sam Lake

Artist(s):  Fernando Blanco & Matt Wilson

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $9.99USD

Available:  Now


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