Disneyland Anaheim Trip

DL001It’s the 60th Diamond Celebration at Disneyland and I just had to go this year.  I remember the many family trips, then trips with the cousins, going with college friends and then going as an adult over the years – Disneyland meant something special to me.  This epic summer 2016 trip would be with all my cousins and siblings and most of us did a 2-Day Hopper to check out Disneyland and California Adventure.

DL003The highlights at Disneyland:  Star Tours, Indiana Jones’ Adventure, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Pirates of the Caribbean and of course the iconic “It’s a Small World” ride.  After a long day of walking and heat exhaustion, grab some refreshing Dole Whip Float and then take a nap in back at Enchanted Tiki Room show.  The back seats are comfy.  Just try not to snore.  Next the shows, the must watch is the Paint the Night electric light parade with Disney characters.  The fireworks are a hit or miss depending on the wind issue.

One thing to avoid is the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride.  Like Charles Barkley spouts, “It’s terrible.”  You think you can get some rest for your feet and take a nap, nope!  The wait is super long and the inside the submarine is cramp and tight.  And another thing, we had to wait for another some sub, because somebody just vomited on the ride.  Now that’s yucky.

DL009The highlights at California Adventure:  Soarin’ Around the World, California Screamin’, Toy Story Midway Mania and the best ride ever is in Cars land – Radiator Springs Racers.  Watch “It’s Tough to be Bug” show, but the main show attraction is the Frozen musical.  I really enjoyed watching Aladdin in the past, I would watch that like 3 times back in the day.  The Frozen musical is fun, the sets are cool, neat special effects and of course everybody went nuts when Elsa sings “Let It Go.”  This year is a special “World of Color” water show, but to me it was alright.  We sat in the Yellow section and basically got wet!

Tips:  Get there early for the parking and think of which rides and shows to see so you can grab Fast Pass accordingly.

For more photos of the Disneyland trip, go to:  Flickr – Retrenders – Disneyland Trip.

Check out:  Disneyland Anaheim.



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