Drink: A Taste of Tequila

Now I don’t claim to be a professional tequila drinker, but when it came to sipping tequila out of a snifter at my friend Pedro’s house warming party, I was a bit taken by the smoothness, the sensual sting and the light taste of oak from a brand, that I wasn’t too familiar with, called Galindo Reposado. Not too many people’s taste buds can detect this, but if you can, you’ve just tasted something organically created for drinking, not shooting my friend.

I think Galindo might be new to the U.S. market, because this bottle was brought over from Guadalajara. If you can’t find this bottle, here’s a simple tip in buying any tequila. Just make sure the bottle says somewhere “100% Puro Agave”. By this, you’ve just eliminated 70% of the synthetic, harsh, imperfect, watered down tequila’s out there, including Jose Cuervo Gold!

Check out:  Hacienda Galindo.

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