SoHo Sins by Richard Vine

sohosinscoverMessed-up marriages, adultery, temptation, jealously and power all come to play in this pulp novel SoHo Sins.  With a long career in the modern art scene, author Richard Vine pens his first novel using New York City art world as the backdrop.

In SoHo Sins the art scene golden couple is Philip and Amanda Oliver.  Philip a techy millionaire is in a broken marriage with his current wife Amanda Wingate, the art collector heiress.  The art world is rocked when Amanda is found murdered in her home.  Art dealer and friend of the couple Jackson Wyeth and his P.I. buddy Hogan are on the job to investigate Amanda’s grisly death.

As Jackson digs deeper and deeper into the death of Amanda, he finds himself with many suspects on the list, like could it be the husband Philip Oliver?  It might be Angela Oliver the ex-wife?  Philip’s O-Tech colleagues seem to be covering up something?  Could it be Philip’s young girl on the side, Claudia Silva looking to be a breakout artist?  Or Paul Morse, the shady boy-toy art scene videographer.  Who could it be?  Jackson bounces back to the past remembering his friendship with the couple and his own tortuous marriage to dead wife Nathalie.  He begins a crazy journey into darkness to find Amanda’s killer in the process.

For a first time outing, author Richard Vine does a great job describing the SoHo contemporary art scene and culture with its art dealings, lavish parties and exhibit openings.  A couple of things that took me out of the story a little was where was the NY cops and media involved in also solving the case?  Not much is known of how they were trying to solve the murder.  Fans of dark pulp fantasy with a mix of New York City, SoHo art scene, dirty sex and a crime to solve will enjoy reading SoHo Sins.  While reading, take a shot of whiskey, drink a bottle of red wine and have hot shower after reading this Hard Case Crime novel!


Hardcover:  SoHo Sins

Author:  Richard Vine

Publisher:  Hard Case Crime

MSRP:  $22.99USD

Available:  Now

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