Hasbro Rogue One: AT-ACT Walker


One of the most popular Star Wars toys was the AT-AT Walker and in the upcoming Rogue One film, a variant version of the AT-AT is introduced, the Imperial AT-ACT.  While the AT-AT is a heavy offensive weapon and troop carrier, the AT-ACT carries heavy materials and weapons.

Hasbro has done an impressive job with this new toy version, the Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT.  The large playset/vehicle features a removable cargo box that turns into a bunker with a zip-line.  The AT-ACT has lights, SFX sounds, firing NERF darts and motorized walker legs.  And the AT-ACT includes 3 exclusive action figures:  the AT-ACT driver, Imperial droid and Jyn Erso.

MSRP:  $299.99USD

Buy it @ Target – Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT.

Source:  Star Wars – AT-ACT Walker.

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