Comics on Indiegogo: Detective Dead: Crimson Moon

After a deadly raid against some of the most notorious gangsters of 1932, Joel Anthony Scorn, a Rusty Belt City Detective, heads home only to discover the lifeless bodies of his wife and daughter. Joel now finds himself in the modern day chasing down the man responsible, as well as every gangster who died at the raid that night. Unfortunately, like Joel, these thugs gained unique abilities of their own.

Grab your copy HERE

Creative Team:

Penciler: Rod Luper

Inker: Carlos Eduardo

Colorist: Kamui Ayami

Letter: Jaymes Reed

Other Ways You Can Help: (FREE COPY)

If you cannot support Detective Dead financially, it’s alright! This is what you can do to earn a FREE COPY! Share this Indiegogo with your friends and family. Once 3 copies are sold to your friends or family, you earn yourself a signed free copy of Detective Dead (can only be claimed once). All you have to do is ask your friends or family to provide you with the proof of their purchase and send it to the email below. I will compare the purchaser names with the backers at the end of the campaign and once confirmed, I will write your name on a word doc assuring that you will get your copy.

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