Anki Cozmo: The Mini-Robot Companion

ankicozmoI admit I’m too selfish to have a dog or cat, plus it’s hard finding apartments that allow animals.   But I could use a low maintenance mini-robot friend.  The time is now for the kid in me to drop some dollars on this Anki Cozmo robot.  Anki states Cozmo has a high-tech A.I. and straight out of the box, it will be compatible with your iOS or Android devices.  It can roam around my apartment floor and make emoji faces at me.

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Authentic Icon – American Idol @ Kohl’s

I can look like American Idol contestants now!

It seems everybody has their own urban street wear line now.  The popular FOX TV show American Idol recently launched their new apparel collection – Authentic Icon.  This brand is exclusive to Kohl’s and the collection has a limited run.  So if you want to look like that American Idol contestant, head to Kohl’s.

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