Amazon goes Warhol, Chagall & Dali

amazon art 01Awhile back Amazon created a cool Retro Video Game Shop and has been expanding their reach and now they will also sell collectible fine art and modern contemporary art.

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Army Man Bottle Opener


When I was young I played with toy soldiers and I bought my son a set of them a few years ago. Seeing this bottle opener brings back some good memories of playing with those army toys plus it made me wonder where I those stowed those guys away. Made of die-cast metal, and is around $22 after shipping at Amazon, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know where the old army men are, that way I’d never get them mixed up together since it’ll be a pain trying to find the opener.

MSRP:  $18.05USD

Buy it @ – Army Man Bottle Opener.

DSLR Gear to Get You That Pro Look While on a Budget

I came from a broadcasting background and grew up with camcorders, so I was weary when the first DSLR cameras hit the market with video capabilities.  Can DSLR’s do a better job with video?  As the years passed, I have to say DSLR cameras recording video is not a fad, it’s here to stay.

Point & Shoot (POS) cameras and camcorders are on a downward slide, while DSLRs are on the upswing, and in these next two years it will be an awesome time for fans of DSLRs.  The two big companies – Canon and Nikon, are waging a DSLR battle.  Just this year – Canon released the 5D Mark 3 ($3,500USD), and Nikon released two cameras- the D3200($700USD) and the D800 ($3000USD).  Starting later this year or early 2013, Nikon will be releasing the D5200, D400, and D800 and Canon will be releasing the T4i, 7D Mark 2 and 70D and you can expect incredible audio and video recording capabilities.

With all these cameras and lenses to spend money on, you might be thinking I don’t have too much leftover cash to spend on professional or prosumer gear like tripods, LED flashes, etc.  Wrong again.  Here’s some equipment on a budget that will make you look like a professional:

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