Graphic & Logo Design: Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja

hanzibookcoverDesigners and artists interested in how to use contemporary Chinese characters in design, art and logo pieces, may want to check out this reference book from publisher Viction:ary, Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja: Graphic & Logo Design with Contemporary Chinese Characters.

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Tokidoki x Peggy Guggenheim Collection

peggy collectionWhen we hear people mentioning “modern art” or “contemporary art”, one of the words that pops up in our minds is the “Guggenheim”.  Now Tokidoki is collaborating with the Guggenheim to bring us “The Peggy Guggenheim Collection.”

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Amazon goes Warhol, Chagall & Dali

amazon art 01Awhile back Amazon created a cool Retro Video Game Shop and has been expanding their reach and now they will also sell collectible fine art and modern contemporary art.

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Art by Vincent Tomczyk

What is this chair made out of?  Wood?  Plastic?


Wrong. Wrong.  It’s made out of paper!  Paper?  The paper art series is by LA-artist Vincent Tomczyk and no digital technology was used.  Vincent hand-crafted all the paper and paint.  All the objects have rich detail and look amazing.

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Artwork Giving Me the Creeps by Wolfgang Stiller


German artist Wolfgang Stiller calls this his “Matchstickmen” series.  He came up with an idea of creating large-scale wooden matchsticks with burnt head molds.  It’s creative and a little creepy.

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Interview with Luke Chueh

bearingtheunbearablebookHere at Retrenders I had the pleasure of interviewing Luke about his just released book, The Art of Luke Chueh – Bearing the Unbearable published by Titan Books, and got to know a little more of the painter and graphic designer.

RTNDR:  I see this book is a great collection of your paintings, acrylic statues, and even showing your skateboard art, but we know you have an amazing collection of vinyl work. Will we see a book highlighting your vinyl art?

LUKE:  I think creating a book of my 3-D work would be a great idea. Maybe in couple years after I’ve built up a large enough portfolio.

RTNDR:  How would you categorize or characterize your art or should we even categorize art?

LUKE:  Years ago, I used to spend time thinking of new names for the genre of my art. I always felt “Lowbrow” had demeaning connotations and “Pop Surreal” only told a part of the story. Word combinations like “Post Brow”, “Idealized Art”, or “Contemptorary” became labels I threw around. But lately I’ve sort of “come to terms” with Lowbrow & Pop Surrealism. To dismiss these would be to dismiss the artists whose work inspired label, and if fans and critics consider my art to be of the genre, then whom am I to tell them they’re wrong? But to be completely honest, I would prefer having my work simply recognized as “contemporary art” (ie. Art that is characteristic of the present).

The Art of Luke Cheuh: Bearing the Unbearable

bearingtheunbearablebookThe Art of Luke Chueh – Bearing the Unbearable, published by Titan Books, depicts Luke’s signature artworks and details his career and the steps he took to reach where he is today. Both symbolic and literal subjects are scattered throughout this published work of art.

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Sandrine Estrade Boulet

It’s always nice to see an artist that can take the mundane part of life, something that we normally ignore, and turn it into something pretty, interesting, and funny. That’s what French artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet did.

I liked the way she described this in her own words, “To create a sensitive work that is fun, positive and totally disinhibited. Imagine spontaneous images than can make people feel good, putting a smile on their face: this is what really motivates me and amuses me.”

Sometimes an artists’ empty canvas can be difficult to start with, but to be able to take a mundane subject and turn it into a feel good art piece, that’s a very special talent.

See her artwork and other photos here – Sandrine Estrade Boulet.

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