Viral Video Friday: One Take Drone and Team BABY-G

teambabygIf you’ve into watching dance videos on YouTube or VIMEO, then you’ve probably watched a dance video filmed by YAKfilms.  Yoram Savion and Kash Gaines were Internet video guys, who were also fans of dancing founded YAKfilms in 2008 at the Youth Uprising Community Center in East Oakland.  They’ve created a popular dance channel on YouTube and started not only a national movement, but a global dance phenomenon called “Turfing.”

Now the Internet duo film dance videos around the world and here’s the latest from Japan using a camera drone to film this in one-shot.  Dope jam!

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Viral Video Friday: The SlumGods of Mumbai

slumdogsmumbaiNo, this isn’t Slumdog Millionaire but “SlumGods of Dharavi.”  This Guardian News short-documentary takes viewers inside the slums of Mumbai, where kids are using breakdancing as a way out.  We follow the journey of 15 year-old Vikram who wants to be a b-boy star.

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Battle of the Year 2013 – October 19th


These bgirls from Japan are battling for a spot at this years break-dancing championships – Battle of the Year.  This 2 on 2 bgirl team battle features Body Carnival vs Kanamyw in the Finals to see who will be sent to Germany.

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CHELLES BATTLE PRO 2013 – 6year old B-Girl Destroys It!

Since I grew up in the 80s, I had breakdancing in my blood and throughout the years, you think you’ve seen all the crazy moves and it’s been done before or something.  It’s kind of like the NBA Slam Dunk Competition at the All-Star game – what’s new?  What kind of new moves?  Hasn’t every possible move been done already?  Well check out this Kiddie Battle @ CHELLES BATTLE PRO 2013 – this 6 year-old B-girl Terra from UK London (Soul Mavericks Crew/DJ Renegades) rips it!!!  If you have to watch one YouTube video this year, watch this!!!

World Jump Rope Championships 2012

These kids know how to jump rope!

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