Peter Cushing: A Life in Film by David Miller

peter cushingFor us Americans we remember actor Peter Cushing from Star Wars as the villian Grand Moff Tarkin.  If you’re a fan of horror classics from the 1950s-1960s, the studio Hammer Films released many fright films that Mr Cushing starred in.  He was well known for playing Baron Frankenstein and Doctor Van Helsing.

Author David Miller delves into the life and times of the actor in Peter Cushing:  A Life in Film.  The 192-page book is not just a Wikipedia of his films, TV appearances, and stage work, but is truly a no holds-barred look into the journey of Peter Cushing’s up and down life in front of the camera and off.  Life changed after his wife Violet Helene Beck passed away in 1971, as Peter contemplated suicide many times and mentions when someone who is very close to you dies it is never the same again.   The book also includes many B&W and color photos from his iconic films, movie posters and chronology of his appearances on film, TV and plays.

Peter Cushing:  A Life in Film is an in-depth comprehensive chronicling of Peter’s career as an actor and a look into his private life.  And when you’re done reading the book, you young kids and film buffs should try to watch many of his classic Hammer Films.


Hardback:  Peter Cushing – A Life in Film

Author:  David Miller

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $24.95USD

Available:  Now

Interview with Peter Cushing: A Life in Film Author David Miller

Peter Cushing Life in Film

To most in the U.S., Peter Cushing is not a household name. If presented a picture of Peter, one might recognize him as the main villain in the original Star Wars. Though to film buffs, Hammer Film fans, and to many in the U.K. and Europe, he is known as the brilliant and unforgettable English actor, with a career spanning 45 plus years, while playing a wide variety of characters from Dr. Van Helsing to Baron Frankenstein to Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Who. Author David Miller grew up in Britain as a fan of Cushing and, through his diligent and detailed research, we are presented with the authoritative guide to the actor’s career – Peter Cushing: A Life in Film. We are honored to get the chance to ask David Miller a number of questions on the amount of research it took for this biography, some of his favorite Cushing movies and characters, and to share with us a few memories on the devoted actor.

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