Frankie’s Garage: Ken Block Drifting in Dubai

kenblockgymkhana8dubaiOne of my favorite Ken Block Gymkhana’s was in San Francisco about 3 years ago.  He was drifting up and down the hills of SF and it was awesome and now he’s back drifting in his special Ford Fiesta AWD on the Dubai city roads.

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Viral Video Friday: A Look at Dubai’s Shipyards

shippingyard 00A slice of life video by Brandon Li.  Brandon spent a few days in Dubai’s shipyards and started filming away.  The video was shot on a Sony RX100MK II Cyber-Shot.

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Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai

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Quietly, Hello Kitty has taken over the world. This is just another example that Hello Kitty is the new overlord of the world. But I digress, the Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai actually looks very peaceful and comfortable. I’m pretty comfortable in my masculinity to say that I really wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon there.

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