Frankie’s Garage: Aston & Red Bull Hypercar

redbullastonmartinamrb001Red Bull making a car?  Yes, this F1 light-looking supercar is a team-up between Aston Martin, Red Bull and F1 star Adrian Newey.  Only 24 will be produced and will be delivered around 2018.

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Frankie’s Garage: Honda’s 2015 IndyCar Aero Kit

hondaindycarWhen you talk about F1 racing, Honda comes to mind.  For Indy racing fans, Honda Performance Development reveals their “Aero Kit” product for 2015 IndyCar.

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Guinness Book of World Records: Catching Golf Ball in Car

mercedesbenzgolfIf you like golf and fast sexy cars, then check out this video from Mercedes:

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