Frankie’s Garage: Aston & Red Bull Hypercar

redbullastonmartinamrb001Red Bull making a car?  Yes, this F1 light-looking supercar is a team-up between Aston Martin, Red Bull and F1 star Adrian Newey.  Only 24 will be produced and will be delivered around 2018.

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Frankie’s Garage: The Honda Civic Rally Car

hondarallycrosscivicHonda is entering the world of rallying with it’s Civic Coupe.  The once-popular “Fast & Furious” pocket rocket Civic will compete in the Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) in 2016.

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Red Bull Transforming Planes

gscredbulltransformsableplanesThese are not just any Red Bull cans.  These are the Red Bull energy cans that transform into the iconic Red Bull Air Race planes.  The Good Smile Company has 2 offerings available this June 2016, the more expensive and detailed Red Bull Air Race Transformable Plane and budget toy – the Red Bull Air Race Transforming Mini Plane.

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Red Bull Propelled Vine Machine

redbullvinemachineVine star Zach King and builds a fun time-waster video to watch.

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Kidbreakers from Japan: Kyushu Danji Jr

breakersJust when you think you’ve seen it all in breakdancing, we get to see something crazy and innovative by these kid breakers from Japan.  They call themselves Kyushu Danji Jr and they look to take on the world!

LEGO Stratos Skydive Jump

A LEGO fan re-created the RedBull Stratos 2012 skydive by Felix Baumgartner.

Here’s the non-LEGO video with Felix dropping 96,640 feet breaking the freefall record.  He had a top speed of 536 feet, man, that is crazy.  I would have black out at that speed.  I guess this can be a real “Iron Man” suit!

For more info, go to:  Red Bull Stratos.

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Super Cool Mom Award: Home Built F1 Model for Her Son

Photo by Kugenuma Ohana via Twitter

This 4 year old boy sure is happy!!  Thumbs up Mom!!

From Japan comes a super cute story and a labor of love project – a mom decided on building her son a cool cardboard Formula 1 replica.  As you can possibly tell, mom is a big fan of F1 racing and a fan of Sebastian Vettels’ Red Bull F1 RB8.  She studied pictures and videos and added little details like wings and even the correct stickers and logos.  Amazing.  The cardboard replica even folds up!

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