Doggy Radio x Rimowa

Japanese pop artist Yoshitomo Nara latest collab for Rimowa is a collectible figurine.  This piece comes with a cute Doggy Radio sculpture and cool looking retro case.  Production is limited to only 200 pieces and 25 of these will be made available at Lane Crawford retail outlet in Hong Kong.

MSRP:  $5,136.00USD (Yes, this collectible item is pricey.)

Source:  Lane Crawford.

Beams x Disney = Graphic Tee Collection

If you are a big Disney fan and got to have cool Disney apparel, check out this collab between Beams and Disney.  Each of the four iconic Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy sport a graphic tee with each having 2 color variations to choose from.

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EDWIN x Toyota 86

Apparel company EDWIN releases a mini-capsule collection inspired by Toyota’s latest ride the 86 aka Scion FR-S which features jeans, khakis, graphic tees and polo shirts.  Prices start at $110.00USD for the graphic tees and up to $240.00USD for the jeans.

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Halloween Mickey and Minnie Action Figures

Just in time for Halloween from Play Buddies – here’s Mickey and Minnie Halloween action figures.  The figures stand 3.5″ tall and comes with Halloween accessories.  Play Buddies also have 2 other collection sets, the Mid-Autumn Festival figures celebrating the Lunar Harvest all around Asia and a Playground theme set of Disney characters.

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Cutey Rice Cookers: Doma RC-500

Home appliances such as rice cookers are always bland in design and color.  Well, not anymore, thanks to Doma’s RC-500 line-up.  The rice cookers are designed to look like big gigantic peppers.  There are 3 colors to choose from:  yellow, green, and red.

These cute rice cookers have an aluminum non-stick interior, it can make 3 bowls of rice, and comes with a spoon and cup.

MSRP:  $25.54USD

For more info, go to:  Doma RC-500.

LEGO Romance of the Three Kingdoms

This makes me want to crack open my PlayStation
and play the Koei video games!

This LEGO diorama was inspired by 14th century writer Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  Eric Mok has put in a lot of work and details into this build.  The use of black, gray, and white LEGO bricks captures the spirit of an old Chinese painting plus making the diorama look like a wall scroll is a nice touch.

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Mocamomo x NeochaEDGE = Pop Art Inspired iPhone Cases

HK company Mocamomo produces lots of unique art-infused iPhone cases and now they are collaborating with Shanghai-based art agency NeochaEDGE with a set of 8 modern art inspired iPhone 4/4s cases.

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Superhero Photography by Chow Kar Hoo

Superman in Hong Kong!
Photo by Chow Kar Hoo

Here’s a geeky question – what would it look like if superheroes appeared in Hong Kong?

Wonder Woman running in the night markets of Hong Kong!
Photo by Chow Kar Hoo

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Space Invaders Bathroom

Image via Design Milk

Video games have invaded home decor. Not a totally new concept but the idea has mostly been isolated to the wallpaper in junior’s room. This, though, is the first time I have seen video game art placed in a bathroom. On top of that, it’s Space Invaders made with bathroom tiles! I can’t wait until someone comes up with a cool 8-bit Super Mario design done in tiles.

For more pictures and info, go to:  Design Milk – HK Apartment.

UNIQLO x Coca-Cola = 2012 Theme Contest

Themed designed by Karrie Lee, Hong Kong – UTGP 2012 Coca-Cola Contest.

I love Uniqlo and can’t wait until they open their store here in San Francisco, but for now I’ll just read and buy their stuff on the internet. Recently, they held a design contest and they have just announced the winner.  This year’s contest Uniqlo was looking for the best Coca Cola themed design.  The winner was from Hong Kong, designer Karrie Lee.  Big kudos for a fresh take.

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Burger King Burger with Truffles!

Only in Asia where American fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s have a far more creative menu than here in the states.  Burger King is lagging behind the likes of McDonald’s and KFC in terms of sales and stores in Asia, so BK is launching the BK Truffles Burger.

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3D Cards: 8-bit & Laser Cut

Are you getting tired of buying regular Hallmark cards for your family and friends?  If yes – check out these interesting cards.

8-bit Popup Cards

Here’s a cool tutorial on making your very own 8-bit style popup card.  This can be a fun family project.  Check out Mini-eco for more instructions and detailed photos:  8-bit Popup Cards.


Well, if you are really lazy and not into DIY projects, then of course you can buy that special card for family and friends.

This is a really cool 3D card of Hong Kong’s skyline by Sidewalk.  It’s a laser cut card and cost about HK$50 ($6.44USD).  The cards ship from Hong Kong, so they might be shipping & handling charges.  For more info, go to:  Sidewalk Hong Kong Skyline Laser Cut Card.

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