Fallout Shelter (Android) Mini Review

Fallout ShelterThis game has only been out for about three weeks, on Android, and it doesn’t seem that I’ll stop playing it anytime soon.  When Bethesda announced this game back during E3, I was excited to play something new that was Fallout related; though I would have to wait two months to get my hands on the Android version, but it was worth the wait.  Not a day has passed since I haven’t been on this game; leveling up their abilities or sending them out in the Wasteland.

Fallout Shelter Vault

The game is simple enough.  You are the Overseer or your own Vault, sort of like the big boss, and your job is to build your Vault while making sure the people that live in your vault don’t die.  You’ll have to build water treatment plants, diners and power plants to be able to keep your Vault up and running.  While running your Vault, you’re also going to have to deal with fires breaking out, Radroach and Mole Rat infestations, Raider invasions, and the scariest of all… Deathclaw invasions.  I’ve had two Deathclaw invasions in a row and let me tell you, it is the worst thing that can happen to you.  Your power, water and food storage goes down quickly and they can (and will) kill your Vault dwellers so fast that you had better equip every dweller with good weapons to defend themselves.

Fallout Shelter Deathclaws

I really don’t know how long this game lasts.  Is it never ending? Will it game over once you reach your 1000th vault dweller?  I’m not sure if I’ll ever find out that answer because once Fallout 4 comes out this November, like so many others, I will probably be playing this game a whole lot less.  It’s a fun game.  Even if you are not a fan of the Fallout series you can still have fun, trying to see how big you can make your Vault.  Thank you Bethesda, for such a simple yet addictive and fun game; I can’t wait to see how your main title is going to turn out.

I give this mobile game an 8/10.  So long from Vault 47.

Lafayette x Gizmobies = Disney

lafayettdisneyIf you’re a Disney freak and have an iPhone 6 to protect, then check out these cute protectors:  Lafayette x Gizmobies.  These items already dropped in Japan and will also be released in States in the months ahead.


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The Back to the Future II DeLorean Crazy Case!

crazycasebacktothefuture2Bandai Japan has always made a splash with their Crazy Case line-up of super nerdy geeky “you-so-fresh” iPhone cases.  This time Crazy Case takes the “Back to the Future II” DMC DeLorean car and turns into a iPhone6 case with LED lights galore and special effects.  Look for a June 2015 release and will be priced around $52.00USD.

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Tim Burton’s Batmobile iPhone case from Bandai Japan

batmobilecoverDo you want to be the talk of the town with all your geeky comic book friends?  If you have an Apple iPhone6 and a Batman fanatic, then you might want to pick-up this phone case.  From the Tim Burton directed and starring Micheal Keaton 1989 Batman film, this is the Batmobile replica from Bandai Japan’s Crazy Case series.

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A Montage of Clips through the Lens of a iPhone 5S

momentsinasiaIt’s pretty incredible what you can do with a smartphone these days.  You can play Candy Crush, try date somebody on Tinder, or do something creative like making one cool video montage of your travels.  And that’s what photographer Markus Kontiainen has done with his “Moments in Asia.”

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Hip iPad Pencil Stylus by FiftyThree

Pencil Paper iPadIf you want that old school feeling of writing down notes and ideas on paper with a writing instrument, then here’s FiftyThree’s Pencil and Paper iPad app.  This stylish digital stylus is built for the Apple’s iPad and their Paper iPad app.

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Bike Baron is my new Addiction

bike baronOkay, I admit that I was hooked on Candy Crush Saga these past couple of months and became vain trying to get top scores!   I’ll stop now and delete it from my iPhone.  Now a new game I’m looking at is Bike Baron.

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Digital Clapperboard: MovieSlate


Whoever work on a short or film project knows having a slateboard can be expensive and a hassle.  As a P.A., I hated always looking for a Eraseable Magic Marker or chalk depending on the slateboard being use.  Well, now – you can just download MovieSlate an app from the Apple Appstore by PureBlend Software and magically have a digital slateboard for your iPad, iPhone or iTouch.  The latest version of MovieSlate was just updated a few weeks ago.

MSRP:  $24.99USD

Buy it @ Apple – MovieSlate.

For more product information, go to:  PureBlend Software – MovieSlate.


Apple Icon Steve Jobs starring in a Manga


The Internet been buzzing about this new manga project by Japanese artist Mari Yamazaki (“Thermae Romae”).  The Japanese magazine “Kiss” will delivered the first chapter of this Steve Jobs fantasy driven biopic.  It’s too bad I can’t read Kanji characters!  I need a translator.

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Xing Panda Cases

Cute Panda-style cases from Xing.  These cases are not just adorable but uses drop resistant silicone shell.  Plus the Panda eyes and ears on top of the case is just too cute.  The Panda cases are compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5, Blackberry 9350/9360/9370, and Galaxy S3.  The prices range from $15.00USD to $30.00USD.  Okay, I have to stop writing the word cute for today.

Buy it @ Case-Mate.com – Xing Panda Cases.

PDP x Marvel Comics = iPhone 4 Cases and iPad Covers

Are you a Marvel-fan and an Apple geek with iPhones and iPads galore?  PDP and Marvel have come up with some cool retro iconic cover designs cases for the iPhone 4 cases and neoprene covers for the iPad.

MSRP:  $34.99USD iPhone 4/S case and $24.99USD neoprene covers for iPad.

For more info and other PDP designs and covers – go to:  PDP x Marvel Comics.

iPhone 5 Leica Case

This might be the closest I will ever get to owning a Leica – as a skin for my iPhone.  The plastic skin case has solid Leica details.

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Mocamomo x NeochaEDGE = Pop Art Inspired iPhone Cases

HK company Mocamomo produces lots of unique art-infused iPhone cases and now they are collaborating with Shanghai-based art agency NeochaEDGE with a set of 8 modern art inspired iPhone 4/4s cases.

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Smaller iPad Screen

We really shouldn’t be spreading rumors but what the heck, some things in life are too good not to share. There are reports coming out that Apple is planning on producing a smaller iPad with a 7 to 8 inch screen. Even though the bigger iPad screen is great for surfing the net, the smaller screen will be perfect for the public transit commuter like me. With one hand on the rail bar and one hand on a smaller iPad – now they have to figure out how I can surf with just one thumb because I’m not taking that hand off the rail. Have you seen how some bus drivers drive around lately?

Check out the Bloomberg article:  iPad with Smaller Screen.

Snap a Pic … Retro-like!

Here is a cool, useful case for your iPhone…one part sturdy with two parts retro!

20120627-163804.jpgThe Gizmon iPhone case adds that little bit (O.K….A LOT) of nostalgic, vintage feel of those Leica-style cameras to your technological gadget. It adds extra photographic capabilities to the regular iPhone camera (and can even be mounted onto a tripod).

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Bayan Audio 7 iPod Speaker Dock

Here’s a nice little system to dock your iPhone – the Bayan Audio 7. It has an 8″ woofer with 120W of power which is loud enough for any room. It can also charge and play any Apple devices. The only problem – it’s currently only available in England. Hopefully it makes it’s way here in the States.

For more info on this cool iPod speaker dock, go to:  Bayan Audio 7 iPod Speaker Dock.

Marc Jacobs iPhone Cases

If you feel that many iPhone cases out there have no sense of  style and you want something more hip chic, then check out these designer iPhone cases by Marc Jacobs.

Prices start at $34.00USD – $38.00USD.

For more info, go to:  Marc Jacobs iPhone cases.

The Perfect iPhone Case Design?

The Ö Case is designed by Löytö Esineiden.  This iPhone case is not just cool, it’s supposed to be functional.  The case has a screen cleaning slider and space to house the earbuds.  It’s only a design concept as of now.  You can check out Yanko Design for more photos and details:  Ö Case designed by Löytö Esineiden.

Keith Haring x COLORS iPhone case

To be honest, in the beginning I wasn’t a big fan of Keith Haring, but the more art pieces of his that I saw, the more I can appreciate the simple beauty of it. And here is his new project, a collab with Japanese iPhone case maker COLORS.

COLORS x Keith Haring

Keith Haring x COLORS:  Bamboo case for Apple iPhone 4 & 4S.  The case will set you back around $114.00USD.  It’s a pricey iPhone case to look fresh.

The product is only sold in Japan and it’s already sold out.  You might want to look around eBay or Craigslist.

If you can read Japanese, then head to the COLORS website for more cool stuff:  COLORS Tokyo.

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