Viral Video Friday: Hong Kong is Home

hkhomeI just can’t enough of time-lapse videos and this is a neat video on the city of Hong Kong by Javin Lau

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A workhorse messenger bag by Jack Spade

My wife is always on the look out for a new purse and I’m always on the look out for a new man-purse, I mean, messenger bag. Recently found this awesome bag by Jack Spade. Living in San Francisco, you pretty much need a sweater or some kind of outerwear in the morning, but in the afternoon, you always end up carrying it in your hands. It can be a big hassle. With this, you can leave the house without lugging a huge bag, giving you that slim look. Once the weather turns out nicer, just unzip the side and a bigger bag appears, ready to carry your jacket or sweater.

MSRP:  $225.00USD

For more info, go to:  Jack Spade – Nylon Canvas Expandable Day Bag.

Man Bag: J. Crew Abingdon

Image via

A messenger bag is pretty much a part of me as I commute to work everyday. All around on the bus, I see all the men carrying a similar bag because, these days, we just have a lot to lug around. I’ve got today’s lunch, my sweater, ipod, cell phone, keys, reading materials, etc. To be honest, I feel naked without my bag and I’m pretty rough with it, that’s why I’m always on the lookout for new bags or newer styles. Guess where I found this beautiful messenger bag –, which is my wife’s quick link to her purse addiction. Ughh, that’s when I realized that the messenger bag is the modern man’s purse but, darnit, that’s one good looking bag and the price is awesome. I want one…

For more info, go to: – J. Crew Abingdon.

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