VENQUE The Duffle Pack 1.0

dufflebagoneThe Canadian company VENQUE known for making handsome quality bags introduces another new item – the Duffle Pack 1.0.  A more stylish and mature duffle bag.  Work, travel, gym and everything in between is the Duffle Pack 1.0 which is made from their signature Quanta fabric.  And don’t you hate it when your straps break, but not this, the Duffle Pack 1.0 uses seat belt grade straps and waterproof interior!  No leakage.  And the Duffle Pack 1.0 comes with two extra straps that convert it into backpack mode.


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Zipper Bags from Japan

zipbagsIt may look like a piece of zipper strip fabric, but it actually turns into a portable bag.  There are 4 different bag shapes and if you can combine 2 zipper strips into a bigger bag.  The Zip Bags from Japan 1984.

Connect Design Multi-Purpose Bag-in-Bag

cute bag oneYes, almost everything can be done with a jazzy smartphone, but if you got make-up, credit cards, cash, stationery items, and just “stuff” your big purse can get a little disorganized and messy.  Now you can grab this Bag-in-Bag from Connect Design.

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Candies’ Cliché smartphone cases

Make your smartphone cute with these mini-like purse cases.  The Cliché line-up features cases for your iPhone 5/4/4S, Galaxy S3/S2, Galaxy Note and HTC OneX.  The cases start at $28.50USD and up to $50.00USD.

For more info, go to:  Candies.

Man Bag: J. Crew Abingdon

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A messenger bag is pretty much a part of me as I commute to work everyday. All around on the bus, I see all the men carrying a similar bag because, these days, we just have a lot to lug around. I’ve got today’s lunch, my sweater, ipod, cell phone, keys, reading materials, etc. To be honest, I feel naked without my bag and I’m pretty rough with it, that’s why I’m always on the lookout for new bags or newer styles. Guess where I found this beautiful messenger bag –, which is my wife’s quick link to her purse addiction. Ughh, that’s when I realized that the messenger bag is the modern man’s purse but, darnit, that’s one good looking bag and the price is awesome. I want one…

For more info, go to: – J. Crew Abingdon.

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