Kano: Build your own DIY computer in 20 minutes

build a pcBuilding your own PC can be tough for non-geeks or non-technical people.  Well, now kids all of ages can build their own DIY computer in about 20 minutes and learn programing and coding in a fun and easy way with Kano.  The London agency MAP Project Office teamed up Kano founders Alex Klein and Yonatan Raz-Fridman to build these cheap computer kits.


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3D Replicator Printer for Consumers

Make your own toys!

A small shop in Brooklyn – MakerBot Industries will be selling 3D printers to consumers at the $1,795USD price point and up.  In the past the 3D printers were very expensive.

The base model is the Replicator.  With the 3D printer you can finally make your own custom toys and even household items.  So no more last minute runs to Home Depot, just use the Replicator.  It is also open source – you can go to a custom website, like Thingiverse.com, to see DIY tips, advice, and how other users use the 3D replicator unit.  It’s really cool.  I guess I can now make some custom G.I. Joe vehicles.

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