Future Flicks: Pacific Rim by Guillermo Del Toro

For those that would love to find out more about Pacific Rim, Del Toro won’t tell! He shows us a bit of a trailer clip followed by some Q and A, and he leaves everything else up to our imagination.

Comic-Con was the director’s last and only sneak peek of what is to come for his upcoming film. He’s promising Clash of the Titans-type massive beasts that emerge from the sea against armored humans piloting gigantic robots into an apocalyptic battle for the human race.

The film will be Guillermo Del Toro’s most accomplished Sci-Fi work, with a whole city built to mimic urban Japan and a wardrobe production from human battle armor suits to enormous juggernaut robots to sea beasts over 25 stories high. And just like he has done for his past films, he will integrate only the necessary visual detail to every physical aspect of the film. So every film location will have layers of disaster elements and dust and every giant tank robot will have battle scars from past encounters.

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