Frankie’s Garage: “CAR Factory” at YomiuriLand Japan

gujjobalandIt’s time for fun rides at the YomiuriLand amusement park in Japan.  On March 2016, YomiuriLand opened a new attraction called Gujjoba aka Good Job Attractions, which is aimed at children about Japanese manufacturing pop culture.  It took about 7 years and $90 million USD involved to build the new attractions.  It features 4 factories:  Food Factory by Nissin Food Products, Stationary Factory by Kokuyo, Fashion Factory and for the car geeks – CAR Factory by Nissan.  Nissan Dashboard show takes us on a tour of the CAR Factory.

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Universal Orlando: Walkthrough Diagon Alley!

diagonalleyWhy do you need to go to Universal Orlando?  Do I have to ask why?  If you are a true Harry Potter fan then a point of destination is the land of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.  The buildings, all the details, it just looks and feels you’re in that world.  Amazing.  Check out this video walkthrough of Diagon Alley by Inside the Magic!

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Space Mountain Behind The Scenes

space mountain 00

There are many rides at Disneyland and one of the most iconic roller coaster rides is Space Mountain.  Disneyland fan blog – was able to dig up some behind-the-scenes construction of the Space Mountain ride in 1974.

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Disneyland California Adventure Park: Radiator Springs Racers

I remember the lamest theme park ever was Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.  You would think if you paid the full ticket price to go to Disneyland, you can also go to California Adventure Park, but NO, you had to pay a separate admission price.  California Adventure Park had like 3-4 good rides and it was usually a ghost town compared to Disneyland Park.  This past weekend (June 15, 2012), a new theme park opened, Cars Land based on Pixar’s animated film Cars.

The making of Cars Land:

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