Some skiers and snowboarders take great care of their eyes, hands, and feet, but tend to neglect their nose, chin, and lips. Since winter sports peeps love to have fun, Beardski came out with these stylish and comfortable 12 inch synthetic beards to protect you from the harsh winter weather. You can now look like a member of ZZ Top while hitting the slopes, though it looks more like a Wookie mask to me, either way, it looks pretty cool.

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Backpack with Airbags

This may look like an ordinary outdoor ski/board backpack to the eye … but it has a unique feature.  Guess?


Airbags!  This is the North Face Patrol 24 ABS.  This backpack may cost over $1,000 dollars but it can save a life with its Nitrogen gas canister that inflates two airbags to keep a person afloat in case of avalanche.

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Helly Hansen H2 Flow Jacket

Need a winter jacket to rock?  Check out this new jacket by outdoor apparel company Helly Hansen.  The H2 Flow Jacket can keep heat locked-in or stay cool with adjustable zippers to allow better ventilation.  The H2 Flow is for both men and women.

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