LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter 75095

tiefighterlegoLEGO announced and showcased lots of cool stuff at Toy Fair 2015, and here’s another one – the Star Wars TIE Fighter 75095.  Look for this high-end detailed model around May 2015 at the MSRP of $199.99USD.

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The LEGO SHIELD Heli-Carrier is Coming!

legoshieldhelicarrierMy jaw is dropping now.   I can’t wait to get my hands on this LEGO product!  From the LEGO Marvel Superheroes line, this is the SHIELD Helicarrier 76042.  Here’s LEGO Designer Marcus talking about the Helicarrier:

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LEGO 76023 The Tumbler

legotumblerrealisticLEGO has sold various versions of The Tumbler from the Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy throughout the years, but this future release will be the ultimate version, the LEGO 76023 The Tumbler.

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Frankie’s Garage: LEGO Toyota 4A-GE Engine

lego toyota 4age

One of the most iconic engines in automobile history is the Toyota 4A-GE developed by Yamaha and was the heart of the Sprinter Trueno AE-86.  LEGO builder Solde1 has built a really neat LEGO replica of the engine.

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LEGO A-Team Van

legoateamvanA neat LEGO custom build of the iconic A-Team van.  It also has R/C action.

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