Frankie’s Garage: Just Call It – “The Toyota 86!”

toyota862017What it should always have been branded in North America!  Not the defunct Scion brand, but Toyota.  The Scion FR-S in 2017 goes back to the Toyota car line-up and will simply be known as the Toyota 86.  Finally!

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Frankie’s Garage: Building a Drift Mobile

driftcarbuildDrifting from around the world, here’s a look at the UK-side of things.  XCar Films interviews driver/owner Phil Morrison of Driftworks Limited.

For more info, go to:  XCar Films.

Frankie’s Garage: AUTOart ReRelease – Initial D AE86

autoartar86truneocoverI’m looking forward to AUTOart’s re-release of the iconic Toyota Trueno AE86 from the popular anime/manga “Initial D” by Shuichi Shigeno.  If you’re a diecast car collector then you should also know the name AUTOart.  This incredible HK toy company makes super detailed diecast cars, and this 1:18 scale “Fujiwara Tofu Ten” AE86 looks amazing.
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Ramen Crew @ the Slide Your Ride’s 86 Festival 2013

ae86The Ramen Crew heads to Oaktown, CA for a large Toyota AE86 Corolla meet.

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Frankie’s Garage: LEGO Toyota 4A-GE Engine

lego toyota 4age

One of the most iconic engines in automobile history is the Toyota 4A-GE developed by Yamaha and was the heart of the Sprinter Trueno AE-86.  LEGO builder Solde1 has built a really neat LEGO replica of the engine.

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