Mini Reveiw: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Since 2005, the Resident Evil franchise had begun to move away from the traditional survival horror genre everyone loved it for and focused more on an action/3rd person shooter type of game.  Gone were the days where you walk down a corridor, with 9 bullets left in your gun, hoping a scare didn’t pop out the corner.  With Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6, the guns and ammo were plenty.  When they announced this game, and released the demo, I will admit that it scared me a bit.  It did its job, as I didn’t want to play it after the sun went down, and it reminded me of all those scares I had playing the original and it’s sequels. [Read more…]

Umbrella Samurai by Materious


With this awesome umbrella that has a replica of a samurai sword handle, hopefully, I can walk down the street without getting stared at by passersby or getting stopped by curious onlookers. But who cares, once I wrap the umbrella behind my back, and with my long rain coat on, I can walk around feeling like a masterless samurai roaming the streets of feudal Japan. And when it starts raining, I’ll be ready and waiting.

MSRP:  $35.00USD

For more details, go to:  Kikkerland Design – Umbrella Samurai.

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