The Aftermath: Target, Jason Wu, and the Vultures

On Saturday at midnight, I hit up the Target website to get my Jason Wu fix. Of course, 80% of the items were already sold out, but luckily I was able to score the Sleeveless Chiffon Navy Floral Dress with Gold Belt. My online experience was smooth as there were no gaffes, hiccups, or failures. This was a great surprise as The Great Missoni for Target Debacle of 2011 was an excruciating experience filled with crashes, errors, slow page loads, and most painful of all – items disappearing from cart en route to checkout.

At the brick and mortar stores, some people also reported a more pleasant experience. Shoppers respectfully grabbed only 1 or 2 of each size/style. When I casually strolled through my local Target at the leisurely time of 1 pm I was surprised to see a few items on the racks. All the accessories were predictably gone but I was amazed to see a few clothing items. I saw not only 2 Jersey Dresses with Red/Navy Stripes in XL , but also a Blouse with Tie with Blush Dots in L and a Sleeveless Top with Sheer Panel in Navy Floral in M. On the internet, shoppers in other cities and states also cited availability left over from the 8 am rush.

While some reported a good in-person experience, others painted a different story that rang painfully close to the image familiar to Missoni-gate: the Many empty-handed and angry. And the few with carts filled with decently priced designer booty destined for eBay. Head on over to Electric Blogarella’s blog for an account of the vultures during her shopping trip. Interestingly, said vulture even commented on her blog and shot back at his naysayers. Be forewarned: the exchange is rather nasty.


By Contributing Blogger:  M. Do.


  1. I knew it would happen.

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