Sneakers in a Bank Vault – 24 Kilates Bangkok

24kilatesbangkokWith the age of the Internets and shopping for stuff online, good old fashion retail stores need that “shock and awe” to get shoppers into stores.  Like the cool geeky Apple retail stores, streetwear boutiques have done the same by making brick & mortar stores a neat event place to come in and buy stuff.  One such shop is 24 Kilates in Bangkok, Thailand.  This innovative sneaker shop looks like a Swiss bank vault.  The shoes are kept in safety-type deposit boxes.  Now that’s neat.

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Japan: The Robot Receptionist

robotreceptionistMeet Aiko Chihira.  She’s robot made by Toshiba and you will find her working at Mitsukoshi Nihombashi department store in Tokyo.  Let’s go shopping!

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Skyline Gift Wrap

skylinewrappingHey, if you’re tired of the same old boring gift wrap paper being sold at Walgreens and RiteAid.  Why not get these optical illusion skyline gift wrap paper.  Doesn’t this wrapping paper look cool?

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Bargain Hunting: Hoodie Galore

It’s that time of the year again.  If you are sick of stressing over buying this or that for somebody and figuring your gift budget – it can get overwhelming.   As for me I like some TLC for myself and if I’m on a budget instead of going to the outlets, I do like hitting up Ross and Marshalls.  Name brand clothes that’s fashionable and stylish for a cheap price.  You do have to spend some time searching around the racks and another very important tip, check zippers and buttons.  Here’s my Ross haul this past week.

DC Zipper Hoodie – Greyish with Red Trim

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Amazon Locker

Everybody at the office does some shopping at Amazon.  Once you click and buy, another issue pops up of whether to ship it to work?  If you don’t want your boss seeing packages delivered to your cubicle, try Amazon Locker.  You can send packages to these ATM-style secure lockers.

These Amazon Lockers are only in a few locations right now and there is a size and weight limit.

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The Aftermath: Target, Jason Wu, and the Vultures

On Saturday at midnight, I hit up the Target website to get my Jason Wu fix. Of course, 80% of the items were already sold out, but luckily I was able to score the Sleeveless Chiffon Navy Floral Dress with Gold Belt. My online experience was smooth as there were no gaffes, hiccups, or failures. This was a great surprise as The Great Missoni for Target Debacle of 2011 was an excruciating experience filled with crashes, errors, slow page loads, and most painful of all – items disappearing from cart en route to checkout.

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