Drink: Happy *hiccup* Valentine’s Day!

What a wonderful gift! No no I’m not crying… I just have allergies.

Say your boyfriend/husband/random male lover got you nearly everything he was supposed to get you (dinner, chocolates, a new toaster – ok joking on this last one, I would NOT suggest giving kitchen appliances on V-Day unless you’re itching to go back to the single life). So what can you give back to the person who put so much effort to show you how much he loves ya?

Introducing the Kirin Beer Bro-quet – it’s a bouquet of 10 mini cans (10 x 135ml) of Kirin Ichiban Shibori Beer arranged in a Bro-quet. Don’t give the guy real flowers when the petals will start wilting in more than a few days if you can give him something more memorable and tasty. If you haven’t tried Kirin Ichiban Shibori it’s a wonderful full-bodied brew with a faint citrus hop taste and is one of the most popular and highest selling beers in Japan.

The Bro-quet  (someone should trademark that word) sells and ships from Singapore and is currently $103.36 (S$130) until after Valentine’s Day where the price drops down to $75.53 (S$95).

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