The Art and Making of The Flash

flashtvshowWith season 3 of The Flash under way on the CW Network, fans will enjoy the companion guide, The Art and Making of The Flash by Abbie Bernstein.  Critics and fans alike may nick pick here and there, but for me it’s an enjoyable escapism.  I’m a huge fan of the CW DC superhero universe and make it an appointment television to watch.  One of my favorite shows is of course The Flash and The Art and Making of The Flash takes fans behind-the-scenes.

artflash01The book is divided into major chapters, 1) the heroes and friends, 2) the rogue gallery of villains, 3) the set locations and 4) the weapons, tech gear used and rides.  There are lots of production artwork and on-set photos from the TV show with interviews with the cast and crew.  The major players, Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns talk about creating The Flash for TV and forming the cast.

artflash02Do you want an inside look into STAR Labs or Earth 2?  Do you need more details on Dr. Light’s Belt Buckle or Firestorm’s Harness & Matrix?  No need to Google search as you watch, just pick-up The Art and Making of The Flash by Abbie Bernstein.


Paperback Title:  The Art and Making of The Flash

Author:  Abbie Bernstein

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $24.95USD

Available:  October 18, 2016

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